CSC Meeting Minutes

Cambodian Students Council

2353 S. Marshall Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19148

Phone: (215) 336-9545

Meeting Minutes

November 22, 2009

4:00pm at Preah Buddha Rangsey Temple

Board Members:

Present: Venerable Muni Rath, Sopheavy Lim, Sarun Chan, Chanrachna Thai, Pisey Ly, Navoth Sor, Nyta Teap, Bunleang Sou, Chanthearith Thai, Sokhunthear Lim, Soriya Or and Sovandara Thun.


Meeting called to order at 4:00pm by Sopheavy Lim and Chanrachna Thai

Introduction and welcoming of CSC’s First Vice President, Sarun Chan

Sarun is a Penn State student majoring in Sociology and English. Sarun currently reside in South Philadelphia and he is currently in the process of obtaining for a job in the area of Immigration Reforms. Although this is Sarun’s first appearance in CSC, he is whole-heartedly willing and committed to serving CSC and its purpose.

Ice Breaker- “Two truths and a lie.”

Each attending members were instructed to tell two truths and a lie about his/herself. Other members were to guess as to which of the three statements was a lie about the individual making the statement.

Updates on Past Events by Venerable Muni Rath

  • Navoth Sor, one of CSC’s current secretaries, was elected to be the secretary of Preah Buddha Rangsey Temple.
  • CSC participated in the celebration of Bun Katen at Preah Buddha Rangsey Temple in October. Many of our members and officers helped during the event and in the parade.
  • Preah Buddha Rangsey Temple has officially purchased eight additional residential homes to be renovated to create more space in the temple.
  • CSC will soon have an official office! The current room where Venerable Muni Rath resides will soon be renovated into CSC official office.


The design for CSC logo has been posted on facebook. Most members have commented and gave feedback on the design and colors of the logo. An agreement has been made to have a professional designer in Cambodia create the logo in three different colors: one in gold, one in silver, and one in a combination of gold and silver. In addition, we have also agreed to have the designer create the logo with the colors that he/she sees fit and appropriate for our organization. We will vote for the logo to be used for CSC once it becomes available (hopefully at our next meeting).


Sarun Chan will take charge in creating CSC website. The websites will include the following: 1) a biography page for each members and officers, 2) CSC mission and vision, 3) Upcoming Events, 4) Photo Gallery, 5) History of CSC, and 6) Membership. If you have additional items you would like to add to our website, please contact Sarun to let him know.

Penn State Conference

Our previous plans for the East Coast Cambodian Conference at Penn State University will be placed on hold. Majority voted to put the conference on hold until the Fall semester of 2010 due to various conflicting ideas from the members and officers. Majority felt that CSC is not yet strong and unified to successfully hold such a big conference at a big university campus.

Monthly Finance Report by Nyta Teap and Bunleang Sou

There is a total of $2781.99 currently in CSC’s bank account. Preah Buddha Rangsey Temple has recently donated $600 to our organization during the Bun Katen celebration. From now onward, there will be a monthly finance report sent out electronically to all members by the Treasurer.

Upcoming Events- Christmas Celebration on December 20th at 5:00pm

  • Each members will bring a dish of his/her favorite food to share with everyone
  • Gift Exchange Game- we are playing a game called Pollyanna, in which each person pick out a name from a hat and buy a gift for the individual whose name you picked. You should not let anyone know who you are buying the gift for; in other words, it’s a surprise!

Next Meeting: Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 5:00pm in Preah Buddha Rangsey Temple

Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Pisey Ly

Sopheavy Lim, Executive Director Venerable Muni Rath, Founder

___________________________ ______________________________


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